Hi! I'm Debnil. Some quick links: Github, Twitter, LinkedIn. (And yes, Shea Serrano did make me a brief Twitter celebrity.)

I live in San Francisco and build systems at Interstellar. In my free time, I help out the policy debate team at Lowell High School.

Previously, I received a BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University. I spent much of my master's focused on research. Through improvements in tools and algorithms, I used software to help non-practitioners leverage machine learning, particularly in applications like political science and biophysics. I had the privilege of working with Alex Aiken, Vijay Pande, and Nick McKeown on projects under this umbrella. Like many, I spent most of my undergrad years confused and soul-searching. I was given the opportunity to speak about that experience.

Even before that, I graduated from Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose (Go Bells!). I doubt any high school students will come across this page, but if you do, I strongly encourage that you get involved in speech and debate, particularly policy debate. It has changed and shaped my life more than anything else I have done.